Career Profile

I am a Software Engineer and Solution Architect with seven years of experience in web and cloud technologies and currently working for Portera in its Istanbul, Turkey office. I primarily built cloud-based web applications with .NET technologies and maintained live production projects. MSSQL Server / Azure SQL for DB Management and Entity Framework as an object mapper is part of my stack when developing applications. I have extensive knowledge and experience in common Azure services such as Azure Compute, Storage, Databases, Monitor, etc.

Before working as a full-time Software Engineer, I was interested in game development during my study at university, attended several Global Game Jams, and built several games with Unity.

I am passionate about Software Engineering, specifically coding, as I consider it a craft, and I am eager to improve myself every day. While I enjoy many aspects of my work, improving my technical skills on my daily tech stack and learning new technologies are my favorite activities.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering from the Izmir University of Economics and completed my Master's degree in International Computer Institute at Ege University.


Software Engineer

2020 January - Present
Portera - Istanbul, Turkey

Working as a Software Engineer mainly with Azure/Azure DevOps based projects, developing cloud-native applications for clients using .NET technologies. Automating cloud related operations with Python scripts.

Software Engineer

2015 June - 2019 December
broadAngle - Izmir, Turkey

I worked as a full-stack Software Engineer in multiple cloud based projects including Healthcare Social App, Grocery Store Web App, CRM like Employee and Project Management Application, Sports/Health Application etc. Implementing and designing database schemas, creating stored procedures, implementing web services, writing the business logic of applications and creating web views with various front-end frameworks like Angular, Vue.js etc. Development stack is C# .Net/.Net Core, MSSQL, and front-end JavaScript frameworks.

Intern Software Engineer

July 2014 - August 2014
Dream Harvesters - Antalya, Turkey

I worked on a game project, implemented quest specific level details and gameplay. I improved the inventory system of the project which plays an important role in the game experience. The development environment was Unity, C#.

Intern Software Engineer

June 2013 - July 2013
5A Computer - Izmir, Turkey

My intern colleagues and I created a small accounting software with C# .NET and SQL Server based on the accounting regulations of the country.

Technical Skills




Azure/Azure DevOps

SQL/SQL Server & EF




Angular 2+ & Vue.js

SOLID Principles, Unit Testing




Model-Based Ideal Testing of GUI Programs–Approach and Case Studies - 2021 IEEE Access, Volume 9 This journal paper explains our study and the method we proposed to apply model based testing on GUI programs.
Community Detection in Model-based Testing to Address Scalability: Study Design - 2020 15th Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems (FedCSIS) This conference paper address the scalability part of the model-based GUI testing by using community detection algorithms.
Models in Graphical User Interface Testing: Study Design - 2020 Turkish National Software Engineering Symposium (UYMS) This conference paper reviews different models used in model-based GUI testing and presents a case study with a proposed approach for how to convert several well-accepted models to ESG (Event Sequence Graphs) to generate test cases and execute them.
Random Test Generation from Regular Expressions for Graphical User Interface (GUI) Testing - Published in: 2019 IEEE 19th International Conference on Software Quality, Reliability and Security Companion (QRS-C) This conference paper proposes an approach to randomly generate test sequences that might be used for comparison with existing GUI testing techniques to evaluate their efficiency.